Corporate Donations & Sponsorships

Corporate Donations

Many companies in Canada simply want to express their support, community involvement and social responsibility by giving an out right gift. We are extremely grateful for the consideration of the gift no matter the size. To find out more information please contact or call us at 1-888-969-9698.



Various events at Ostomy Canada Society Inc. may have sponsorship opportunities. To gain brand attention, profile and visible support you may wish to look at sponsoring an event, program or unique opportunity. Some of these include:

  • Step Up for Ostomy – event, t-shirts, incentives
  • Ostomy Canada Youth Camp – a camper, ground transportations, flight costs, etc.
  • Printing of brochures
  • Administration – Needed to run a smooth and efficient organization – paper, supplies, rent, etc. Many organizations offer a gift card for Ostomy Canada Society to use for general supplies.

To find out more information please contact or call us at 1-888-969-9698.

Note – Based on CRA regulations “sponsorships” are not eligible for a tax receipt and yet we can provide sponsors with a sponsorship letter which you may be able to use in your tax submissions. Check with your accountant.

Advertising in our Magazine, Newsletter or Website

Ostomy Canada Society offers our supporters a number of advertising opportunities in our Magazine (published twice per year 2,000 copies/issue); Ostomy Connects national Newsletter (posted 4 times a year and sent throughout our database 3000+); website – (currently viewed by 35000 visitors annually). Please contact for additional information to advertise your brand, products, etc. on our website and other platforms. 

Note: Advertisements do not constitute Ostomy Canada Society’s “endorsement of one product vs another”.