Our Impact

The core “work” of any charity is sometimes outlined by their structure. At Ostomy Canada Society Inc. we have an incredible Board of Directors, governed by a well established set of bylaws, procedures and policies. The Board sets a Strategic Plan which outlines the vision and direction over a set period of time – typically three years. From the Strategic Plan – staff (part time) & volunteers create an annual Operating Plan which puts things into action or movement (Our Impact – Our Story). How is Ostomy Canada Society structured? We have five Pillars or focus areas (created by the Strategic/Operational Plans in Fall of 2021). Each of these areas is further divided into small teams or members who help drive the Pillar’s “priorities”. We will not go through each in detail but will describe each in broad terms. Should you wish to find out more please connect with support@ostomycanada.ca to seek further information.


  • The internal operations or business side of the organization which hosts the national staff (part time), administration and overall operations of Ostomy Canada
  • To ensure the financial integrity and control over Ostomy Canada Society Inc.’s financial assets, record keeping, budget, procedures and CRA rules and regulations are maintained to the highest level. Leverage best in class and affordable technologies for areas such as data management, tax receipts, membership/support fees, shared services and record keeping.
  • This area is the hub for all fund raising activity from bequests, to the Annual Direct Mail Appeals, events (Step Up) , grants, foundations, sponsorships and general donations. Finally, the Sustainability Pillar look at the needs to ensure effective succession plans are in place for volunteer, staff and business operations.


  • Advocacy and Government Relations serves an essential service to our clients and their families. The primary focus of this group is to ensure financial, medical support and broader awareness for all persons affected by ostomy surgery across Canada through interaction with various stakeholders within government and key stakeholder health care relations.
  • This representative group meets on a regular basis to look at gaps in support or emerging issues within the healthcare space.
  • The Committee works at improving the Disability Tax Credit, building hospital relations and maintaining our strong relationship with NSWOCC to name a few.


  • One of the core Pillars for our outreach and collaborative programs, the Engagement and Support Pillar is one of the most active and participatory groups within our organization. It is the external touch point for many of our relationships outside of our Chapter/PSG network.
  • The Pillar helps Ostomy Canada Society (OCS) connect with stakeholders (Ostomy Canada, Youth Camp, Visitors Program, pediatric outreach and a number of alliances/partnerships); enhance our education forums; improve our recognition and promote our awards to expand awareness and impact to mission.

Awareness = Marketing and Communications

  • The Marketing and Communications portfolio is the central point on all messaging, branding and communications delivery for Ostomy Canada Society with an intense focus on improving digitally based social communication, measurement and ongoing support of our website, social media, magazine and newsletters.
  • This group formulates messaging, media and resources for the organization to expand and enhance awareness. The team oversees the magazine, newsletter, website, webinars & education forums, social media and brand management.

Relationships & Partners

  • The focus of this Pillar is to connect, communicate and collaborate with those who Ostomy Canada supports through the Chapters and Support Group network.. This team is our “central connectors” who help drive our mission, purpose, events, core communications and value add proposition to our stakeholders.
  • There are five geographical areas in which we focus our regional attention – Pacific, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic
  • This group of volunteers is our eyes and ears on the ground and serves as a critical link to our mission. They will help address and solve problems or issues that may come out of their regional connections.
  • Additionally, this Pillar looks at the overall relationship and linkages to our network of Chapters and Support Groups through the development of a new Affiliation Agreement and how best to define such areas as “fees, memberships or donations”, support to by-laws, procedures or CRA regulations.