Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities for Industry Partners

Explore the diverse opportunities available for Industry Partners to engage with Ostomy Canada, including:

By becoming an Industry Partner with Ostomy Canada, your organization gains a unique platform to showcase its commitment to improving the lives of those living with ostomies. This partnership is not only a chance to increase your brand visibility within a dedicated community but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Through sponsorships, be it for a national webinar, events, programs, or resources, you directly contribute to the education and empowerment of ostomy patients and their families. Advertising in the Ostomy Canada Magazine and on the website further extends your reach, allowing you to connect with our members in a context that underscores your support for their journey. This collaboration is more than a business opportunity; it’s a way to be part of a compassionate and supportive network, fostering change and progress in the ostomy community.


Sponsoring a National Webinar
Sponsorship of events, programs, or resources
Advertising on the Ostomy Canada Website
Advertising in the Ostomy Canada Magazine

Sponsoring a National Webinar

Ostomy Canada Society invites industry partners to play a vital role in supporting our mission by sponsoring our quarterly 1-hour National Webinars. These webinars, held in January, April, July, and October, serve as a crucial platform for engagement with Ostomy Canada supporters, their circles of support, and the wider public.

Webinar Impact:

Our webinars consistently draw between 250-400 registrants, with 75-125 live attendees per session. The audience spans across Canada, primarily consisting of dedicated Ostomy Canada Supporters. Following each event, the webinars are archived on our website at for continued accessibility.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

As an industry partner sponsoring a webinar, you gain the unique privilege of choosing the topic and speaker, as long as it aligns with Ostomy Canada’s commitment to promoting advocacy, awareness, collaboration, and support for all individuals living with an ostomy and their circles of support in Canada.

Collaborative Support:

Upon booking a webinar sponsorship, Ostomy Canada works closely with you to develop marketing materials, promote the webinar through our extensive mailing lists and social media channels, and even assists in moderating the opening and Q&A segments of the webinar. Additionally, we take care of the editing and exporting process for the recorded webinar, ensuring its availability online.

Cost and Additional Opportunities:

The cost to sponsor a national webinar is $750 CAD, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and directly engage with our audience. For a comprehensive overview of all our sponsorship opportunities, including webinars, refer to our Webinar and Website Advertising Media Program. You can access the full description and associated costs here.

Participate in this impactful initiative to reach Ostomy Canada supporters and individuals living with an ostomy across the nation. Your sponsorship not only amplifies your brand visibility but also contributes to our collective efforts in advancing ostomy advocacy and support. Learn more about the possibilities by exploring our Media and Sponsorship Guide.

Sponsorship of events, programs, or resources

Explore diverse sponsorship opportunities to align your brand with meaningful events, programs, and resources offered by Ostomy Canada Society. Your support can make a significant difference in advancing our mission. Here are some key sponsorship options:

Step Up for Ostomy:
  • Choose from Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level sponsorship.
  • Elevate your brand’s visibility and support a crucial initiative.

National Step Up for Ostomy T-shirt (Pending):
  • Be part of a unique sponsorship opportunity associated with the National Step Up for Ostomy campaign.

Ostomy Canada Youth Camp:
  • Support the next generation by sponsoring the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp.
  • Engage with a youthful audience and contribute to a memorable experience.

Visitor Training Program Materials (Limited Offerings):
  • Sponsor materials for our Visitor Training Program.
  • Limited opportunities are available for impactful engagement.

As these opportunities are project or event-based, we tailor pricing and provide detailed information upon request. If you’re interested in supporting Ostomy Canada through sponsorship, connect with us at We’re here to assist you in choosing the right sponsorship that aligns with your goals and maximizes your impact.

Advertising on the Ostomy Canada Website

Ostomy Canada offers the ability to sponsor a website advertisement, which would be included on three separate areas of the website that get the most monthly page views:

You may choose to provide a JPG, PNG, or GIF file for your ad.

Your ad would be included in the same carousel/rolling ad widget as other ads for a period of 6 seconds. The order of the displayed first ad in the queue is always randomized upon the first page view. You will have the ability to include a URL of your choice to forward any clicks on your ad.

Please note that we ask for a minimum 3-month commitment for website ads at $100 per month.

Did you know? Ostomy Canada Society has a Webinar and Website Advertising Media Program available. This Media and Sponsorship Guide outlines the advertising specs and costs opportunities offered by Ostomy Canada Society. You can access the full description and costs associated with these programs here.

Advertising in the Ostomy Canada Magazine

Unlock the opportunity to connect with a focused audience by advertising in the Ostomy Canada Magazine, the sole publication dedicated to individuals living with an ostomy and their support circles. Run by a patient organization, this magazine provides a unique platform to extend your message to a crucial demographic.

Key Magazine Details:

  • Published biannually: Summer and Winter editions.
  • Full-color publication spanning 60 pages.
  • Paid circulation reaches approximately 2,000 per issue, encompassing all supporters of Ostomy Canada Society.

Advertising Information:

  • Audience Focus: Tailored exclusively for those living with an ostomy and their support networks.
  • Submission Dates: Ensure your advertisement reaches the audience by submitting materials by March 15 or September 15 each year.
  • Variety of Options: Magazine ads come in various sizes and placements, catering to diverse needs and budgets.

Pricing and Guide:

  • Affordable Options: Magazine ads start as low as $270 CAD, making it accessible for a range of advertisers.
  • Full Rates and Guide: Explore detailed print advertising rates and guidelines by accessing the guide through the provided link here.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make a meaningful impact. Advertise in the Ostomy Canada Magazine and engage with a dedicated community. For a comprehensive understanding of rates and guidelines, please visit this link.