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Adventures in life with Crohn’s disease & an ostomy

Squamish 50/50

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 12, my life took a dramatic turn on November 19, 2018, at 34, when I lost my entire large intestine to the disease. This year, marking five years with an ostomy, I’m embarking on an extraordinary challenge – the Squamish 50/50, which entails a 50-mile trail race followed by a 50-kilometer trail race the next day. It’s a daunting prospect, but I’m determined to push my limits.

My journey with Crohn’s was harrowing. I spent years isolated and in pain, barely managing day-to-day life, frequently hospitalized. Doctors suggested an ostomy as a viable option, but I initially rejected it, believing I could control my condition through diet, exercise, and medication. However, the reality was starkly different.

The ostomy, contrary to my fears, became a turning point. It gave me back control, allowing me to pursue activities I never thought possible. That’s why I’m challenging myself with the Squamish 50/50 – to prove that an ostomy isn’t a hindrance but a new lease on life.

In 2022, I completed a 50 km trail race, an experience both grueling and enlightening. The upcoming races are even more challenging, but I’m eager to test my limits. My journey from now until the event in August – a grueling weekend running through the mountains of Squamish, BC – will be intense. I’m training hard to prepare for this incredible feat, understanding the uncertainty but thrilled by the challenge.

Simultaneously, I’m fundraising for Ostomy Canada Society (OCS), a non-profit that supports individuals living with ostomies. OCS has been instrumental in my journey, providing a supportive community and showcasing that life post-surgery can be fulfilling. The funds raised will support OCS’s invaluable work for the ostomy community.

Please proceed to my fundraising page by clicking the link below. Here, you have the opportunity to either initiate your own fundraising effort or to contribute a donation. Your support in this endeavor is immensely valued and greatly appreciated. This challenge is more than a race; it’s a testament to overcoming adversity and living life to its fullest, despite the odds. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey.


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Your much needed donation and support will be of a great help to Ostomy Canada Society to execute the below necessary activities.

Ostomy Visitors Program

Ostomy Visitor Program supports people living with ostomies both pre and post surgery via way of a certified visitor.

Influencing public policy

Influencing public policy to obtain equitable ostomy funding across Canada.

Community outreach

Community outreach and public education and awareness through local chapters and support groups.

Ostomy Canada Youth Camp

The amazing Ostomy Canada Kids Youth Camp.

Education awards

Education awards for both NSWOC (ostomy nurses) and post-secondary students.

Ostomy Canada magazine

Ostomy Canada magazine with compelling and motivating personal stories of people living with an ostomy and their accomplishments and more.

promote collaboration

To promote collaboration with other like minded organizations and businesses.

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