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Ostomy Canada Society Chapters, Peer Support Groups and Satellites have been organized, and are meant to provide an opportunity for persons who have had or may have ostomy surgery and their families, partners, caregivers and friends to meet, provide support, enhance understanding and share information. Chapters often invite a health care professional, such as an NSWOC (Nurse Specializing in Wound and Ostomy Care), a physician, pharmacist, or dietician to speak at the Chapter or PSG meeting. There may also be a presentation from a representative of one of the manufacturers or suppliers of ostomy products. You are encouraged to attend a Chapter or PSG meeting in your local area and to join either the local Chapter, PSG or become an Ostomy supporter of Ostomy Canada Society.

The contact information we collected for each Chapter/Support Group was from multiple sources – websites, national office and postal information. It is displayed in a common format and naming which cannot take a PO Box address.  If there are corrections – please send

      Note – Chapters and Peer Support Groups serve their memberships in the same manner. They are designed to help those with an ostomy and their circles of support a place to share, land and network. Both help to people “live life to the fullest”. The “differences” are in their size and how they are governed. Some have their own bylaws, Board structure, relationship to the Canadian Revenue Agency and Ostomy Canada Society. A “Satellite” is an offshoot of a larger group.

      Young Adults - Gutsy Gang Social Clubs

      Gutsy Gang Social Club


      Vancouver, BC Gutsy Gang Social Club

      The Vancouver chapter has a Youth Group headed up by ET Lauren Wolfe and Julie Singer that meets several times a year.

      Calgary, AB Gutsy Gang Social Club

      Gutsy Gang Social Club

      Saskatoon, SK Gutsy Gang Social Club

      20-40 Group

      Hamilton, ON Gutsy Gang Social Club


      Toronto, ON Gutsy Gang Social Club


      Niagara, ON Gutsy Gang Social Club

      Trying to start up a Gutsy Gang Social Club

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