An ostomy is a surgically created opening made into the bowel or urinary tract for the purpose of eliminating waste materials (feces/urine) from the body.


Find out about the resources available, financial support, and education and recognition offered by the government and other non-profit institutions.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. We are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to all people living with an ostomy, and their circles of support, helping them live life to the fullest through advocacy, awareness, collaboration and support.


Ostomy Canada Society is a Canadian non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to all people living with an ostomy, and their circles of support, helping them live life to the fullest through advocacy, awareness, collaboration and support.

A little bit about Ostomy Canada

Find Support

Ostomy Canada Society Chapters, Peer Support Groups (PSG) and Satellites have been organized, and are meant to provide an opportunity for persons who have had or may have ostomy surgery and their families, partners, caregivers and friends to meet, provide support, enhance understanding and share information. Chapters often invite a health care professional, such as an NSWOC (Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence), a physician, pharmacist, or dietician to speak at the Chapter or PSG meeting.

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Ostomy 101

Ostomy surgery is a life-saving procedure that allows bodily waste to pass through a surgically created stoma on the abdomen into a prosthetic known as a ‘pouch’ or ‘ostomy bag’ on the outside of the body or an internal surgically created pouch for continent diversion surgeries. An ostomy may be necessary due to birth defects, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, incontinence and many other medical conditions. It is estimated that 70,000 people in Canada have an ostomy.

Volunteer & Fundraise


It’s impossible to imagine the Ostomy Canada Society at the community or national level without volunteers, fund raisers, donors, support groups and those who promote our Mission. Together – we are making a difference – and you can too. Connect with your local group, participate in a webinar, volunteer, donate or connect with the national office to find out more. We are here for you and those around you so you can live life to the fullest.
Step Up For Ostomy
This is our signature annual event to generate awareness and funds for those living with an ostomy and their circles of support. Each year, people from across Canada get together to raise funds and awareness to support our outreach programs, website, Magazine, Youth Camp, partnerships, Advocacy work and so much more. Step Up for Ostomy helps drive attention to those with an ostomy through public events in cities and towns from coast to coast. Help us help you and consider donating or participating in your local Chapter or Support Group. Go to www.stepupforostomy.ca to learn more.

Put your talents to good use! Volunteers provide assistance in many areas, including education, peer support, information, webinars, support groups, and local chapters. See more about volunteering with the Ostomy Canada Society and how to sign up.

Are you ready to become aN ostomy supporter?

I’ve lived 23 years with an ileostomy. Having the surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re doubtful, go for it. Live your life to the fullest.
Joel J, Halifax, NS
Without Ostomy Canada, I would not have had support or have been able to start up my Peer Support Group and help the many people that I have, live life to the fullest while living with an Ostomy!
Meghan H, Kingston, ON
I have had such a positive result with my colostomy that I was able to help my own daughter through her having to also have one.
Elva M, Courtenay, BC

Get Involved

We provide support to people living with an ostomy in various forms – Education, peer support, information, webinars, support groups, local chapters etc. Do you want to be involved?
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Donate Now

Your contribution will enable Ostomy Canada Society Inc. (OCS) to continue to provide support and encouragement to others. Our General Fund supports Advocacy (Disability Tax Credit, Access to NSWOCs, Ostomy reimbursement programs), Visitors Program, Online Community and development of new tools, Webinars and information services, Education Awards Program (NSWOC and Post-secondary), National Office – administration, operations, part time staff and Ostomy Support Groups etc.
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