How to Fundraise

We applaud those that take on the initiative to fundraise for charitable causes – especially those that do so for Ostomy Canada Society Inc. (OCS). Big or small fundraising is the life blood of any charitable organization.

What can I do?

It seems difficult to get started. Here are just a few ideas:
Wisdom suggests that if you “don’t ask you don’t get”. You also need to be a supporter yourself – big or small- committing to a donation yourself makes it easier to ask other. Fundraising is not that difficult – yes it does take time and yet the “good feeling” you get knowing you have sought support can be incredibly rewarding. But how?
  • Start with a Plan – what do you want to do and when
  • Profile – What are you generating funds for – be specific – tell a good story
  • Goal – set yourself a target – make it reasonable but stretch yourself
  • Who do you ask? Family, friends, business associates, vendors, etc. – the list is endless.
  • Online donations- they are the easiest as they streamline donations, tax receipting, data collection, etc.
  • Checks and credit cards – please direct them to our donation page and yet be sure your donors identify your event or initiative. This way we can track your overall support. Do not collect cash. It simply is too risky. If in check form – please make payable to Ostomy Canada Society Inc.
  • Fund Collection and Submission. Please submit your funds online. If any of your donors require a tax receipt, we will need you to submit all donor information. The easiest way to do this is to complete the pledge card. All gifts over $25.00 automatically get a tax receipt.


Click here to see what opportunities are available for sponsorship.