Visitor Program Committee

Ostomy Canada Society Inc and its Chapters and Support Groups are dedicated to complete rehabilitation of people living with an ostomy, through mutual aid, moral support, and education.

Despite assurances from doctors, nurses and others concerned with complete recovery of the patient, there is no substitute for the visual proof received through a visit from cheerful and well-adjusted people living with an ostomy. The visitor is a member of the rehabilitation team, which consists of a physician, nurse, enterostomal therapy nurse (NSWOC), and volunteer visitor.

However, only the visitor is uniquely qualified to share non-medical information and to help in the psychological and social rehabilitation of the patient. The visitor comes prepared to share positive experiences and the combined information of the members of the Ostomy Canada Society.


Potential visitors attend a training session that focuses on certain fundamentals of visiting: purposes and objectives, visitor responsibilities, phases of psychological adjustment, and concepts of basic care and management. Then the “Art of Visiting” is examined by looking at visiting techniques, frequently asked questions, types of visits, and potential problems. Certification of each visitor results from satisfactory participation and understanding of the role of visitor. Once certified a visitor is called as required by the Chapter Visiting Coordinator who acts in response to a request for a visitor by a doctor or an NSWOC.

Most individuals who recently have had surgery prefer having a visit with a trained ostomate in order to rationalize their experience and to be convinced that a happy and productive life is indeed possible after their ostomy surgery.

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