Stuck Hollywood Premier June 23, 2024

STUCK Film Premiere Recap

We are thrilled to share the exciting news about our short film, STUCK, about ostomy awareness. On Sunday, June 23rd, we had the honour of premiering the film at the Dances With Films Festival at the historic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. The event was a resounding success, exceeding all our expectations!

A Night to Remember

The theatre was sold out, with enthusiastic supporters taking every seat. The atmosphere was electric as the audience eagerly awaited the screening. When the film started, it was clear that our ostomy awareness message resonated deeply with everyone present.

Spreading Awareness Through Cinema

Our goal with STUCK has always been to spread ostomy awareness through the powerful medium of cinema, and we delivered in spades. The film’s narrative struck a chord, compelling and empathetically bringing attention to the realities and experiences of individuals with ostomies.

Insightful Q&A Session

After the screening, we held a Q&A session, adding another layer of depth to the evening. Rai shared his personal connection to the character with an ostomy, offering heartfelt insights that moved many in the audience. He also took this opportunity to thank the Ostomy Canada Society for their unwavering support.

Praise and Recognition

STUCK received an overwhelming amount of praise from the audience and critics alike. The positive feedback was both humbling and encouraging, and we are proud to announce that the film is now being considered for several awards. This premiere marks the beginning of our festival journey, with many more exciting events to come!

Sights and Sounds from the Festival

We’ve gathered some of the highlights from the premiere for you to enjoy. These moments capture the essence of the night and the collective effort that made it all possible.

Video footage from the STUCK Hollywood premiere.

Thank You for Your Support

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us in this endeavour. Your encouragement and backing have been instrumental in helping us spread positive ostomy awareness.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our festival tour and bring STUCK to wider audiences.

Warm regards,

Raimo Strangis, Michael Pillarella, and John Hartman, Executive Producers

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By Raimos Strangis, Author and Screenwriter

Raimo Strangis is an author, screenwriter, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. His debut novel, “The Kingdom of Grape,” was widely praised for its charm, wit, and adventure. “With Little Means” continued to showcase his exceptional talent for crafting engaging stories. His third novel, “As We Know It” is set to be released in 2024. Raimo is an executive producer of the short film “Stuck,” a story inspired by his life experiences. Raimo is also an accomplished songwriter, with his original songs earning a devoted following. Despite facing significant challenges, including living with an ostomy after years of suffering from ulcerative colitis, Raimo remains dedicated to his creative pursuits and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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