Executive Director's Message May 2024 Ostomy Canada

Dear Ostomy Canada Community,

As we welcome the vibrant blooms of May, I am reminded of the resilience and growth that each of you embodies. This month, we not only celebrate the beauty of spring but also the strong, supportive ties that bind our community.

As we step into this season of growth, let’s continue to support each other and build an even stronger community. Together, we can face any challenges and celebrate every victory.

The Connects newsletter is a vital tool for the Ostomy Canada Society to maintain and enhance its connection with the community. Here’s what you can expect to read in any of the newsletters and how it serves the community:

Purpose and Goals

  • Community Engagement: Connects e-news aims to engage the ostomy community by providing regular updates, sharing inspiring stories, and announcing events or initiatives that could benefit members.
  • Education and Information: The newsletter serves as a platform to disseminate educational content, such as tips for ostomy care, and updates on medical research.
  • Support and Resources: It highlights available resources like chapters and peer support groups across Canada, the Visitor Program, Youth camp, and educational webinars, ensuring members know where to turn for help.

Key Features

  • Featured Stories: Stories from community members sharing their journeys, challenges, and triumphs to inspire and encourage others facing similar situations.
  • Health Tips: Regular columns or segments offering advice on ostomy management, diet, exercise, and mental health.
  • Upcoming Events: Information about upcoming meetings, webinars, workshops, and social gatherings, encouraging community participation and interaction.
  • Spotlight on Volunteers: Profiles of volunteers and staff, showcasing the people behind the organization and groups nationwide and their contributions.
  • Policy and Advocacy Updates: Updates on advocacy efforts and changes in healthcare policies affecting those with ostomies, keeping the community informed about important developments.

Distribution and Accessibility

  • Frequency: Typically, the newsletter might be distributed monthly or quarterly, depending on the organization’s capacity and the amount of information to share.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Incorporating a way for readers to provide feedback on the newsletter’s content and suggest topics they find helpful or wish to learn more about.

Community Involvement

  • Call for Contributions: Encouraging community members to contribute their stories or articles, which helps diversify the content and gives members a personal stake in the newsletter.
  • Interactive Elements: Including surveys, polls, and quizzes to make the newsletter interactive and engaging.

Connects e-news is more than just a newsletter; it’s a lifeline that keeps the community informed, supported, and motivated. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that members of the Ostomy Community feel valued and connected, no matter where they are on their journey.

As we step into this season of growth, let’s continue to support each other and build an even stronger community. Together, we can face any challenges and celebrate every victory.

Thank you for your continued trust and involvement in Ostomy Canada Society. Here’s to a hopeful and healthy May!

Warm regards,

Dana Ypma
Executive Director
Ostomy Canada Society

Dana Ypma became the Executive Director of Ostomy Canada in April 2023. With over 25 years of experience in the social service sector, she has a strong background in not-for-profit, social service, and community advocacy. Dana holds an M.A. in Social and Applied Sciences from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, and a B.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Calgary. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in nature, walking her dogs (Lucy and Myla), kayaking, and beachcombing for driftwood in the West Kootenays of B.C.


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  1. Great newsletter hope this becomes foundational communication platform combined with 1:1 conversations and visitor outreach. I understand some still like paper yet transition to paperless. Really good info. Thank you.

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