Ostomy Supply Reimbursement In Nunavut

The Department of Health offers Extended Health Benefits (EHB) to support the health and well-being of Nunavut residents who need additional health care services not covered by the Nunavut Health Care Plan.

Am I Eligible?

The EHB is also offered to those not covered or fully covered by third-party insurance like Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), or employer-provided health plans.

EHB is made available for Nunavut residents with a valid Nunavut Health Care Card who are:

Persons are not eligible for Extended Health Benefits (EHB) coverage when any of the following conditions apply:

Contact Information:

Nunavut Health Insurance Programs Office
Department of Health

Box 889
Rankin Inlet NU X0C 0G0

Phone: (867) 645-8029
email: ehb@gov.nu.ca
fax: (867) 645-8092
toll-free: (800) 661-0833

Disclaimer: The information contained in this page have been researched and sourced from a variety of provincial and federal sites. However information may change and we encourage individuals to check for updates of policies, plans and forms.

Sign Petition

Ostomy Canada is petitioning the Ontario Government to: "Respect the ADP mandate to cover 75% of the average cost of ostomy supplies and would like your help by adding your name. Once we have a sufficient # of signatures, the petition will be brought to the Ontario Legislature by The NDP Health Critic.