Join a Chapter or Peer Support Group

Ostomy Canada Society Chapters, Satellites, and Peer Support Groups have been organized, and are meant to provide an opportunity for persons who have had or may have ostomy surgery and their families, partners, caregivers and friends to meet, provide support and understanding and share information. Chapters often invite a health care professional, such as an NSWOC, a physician, pharmacist, or dietician to speak at their meeting. There may also be a presentation from a representative of one of the manufacturers or suppliers of ostomy products. You are encouraged to attend a meeting in your local area and to join either the local Chapter or become a Ostomy supporter of Ostomy Canada Society.

For more information about how to become part of Ostomy Canada Society, please see the “Become an Ostomy Supporter” section.

You can search the listing below to find out meeting dates, events, contact information etc. We encourage anyone to make a connection in their community to find out more.