General Support

Ostomy Canada Society provides many areas of support. Check out these helpful programs.

Ostomy Canada Benefit Finder

  • A national network of community ostomy support groups;
  • Financial assistance to attend Camp Horizon in Alberta;
  • The Shane Banfield Memorial Fund to offer financial assistance to attend camp for children with bladder issue caused by a birth defect, cancer, or a motor vehicle accident;
  • Post-secondary student award of $1000 for qualified applicants;
  • NSWOC nurses award of $1500 for successful completion of NSWOCC ETNEP training;
  • Assistance in applying for the Disability Tax Credit;
  • Support through the Visitor Program;
  • Participation in special interest groups such as Parents of Children with Ostomies, SASO, etc.
  • Access to an ET/NSWOC for regular checkups with your stoma system. (Find an ET/NSWOC link below).
  • Access to a physiotherapist that knows about perineal and/or abdominal surgery and exercises to strengthen those areas. Ottawa Ostomy Support has a great file here.

Educational Awards Program – (Formerly called Bursary Program)

The deadline for the new Awards Program is coming up!

Find Your Local Chapter or Support Group

Located throughout Canada, face to face chapters or support group meetings provide support, understanding and share information.

Visiting Program

Through a local chapter, connect with a trained visitor with the common bond of having undergone ostomy surgery. The Ostomy Canada Society visitor is qualified to share non-medical information and share support.

Find a NSWOC

Our friends over at Nurses Specialized In Wound, Ostomy And Continence Canada [NSWOCC] have renamed their new program on their website. It was formerly called “Find An ET Nurse” and is now called “Find a NSWOC“.

SASO (Spouses and Significant Others)

A support network and information for spouses, partners, family members, friends and caregivers of persons with an ostomy.

Gutsy Gang Social Club

A forum to meet other young adults (20 – 40 years old) living with an ostomy – to share ideas and support.

Parents of Children with an Ostomy

Connect with other parents of children who have an ostomy.

Shane Banfield Memorial Fund Criteria

WHAT – Full sponsorship of camp registration fee and transportation costs – air, rail or bus

HOW MANY – Maximum 3 campers/year

WHO IS ELIGIBLE – Children ages 9-18 years who have or have had birth defects of the bladder i.e. bladder extropy; epispadias; bladder incontinence; self- catheterization because of a birth defect or disease i.e. spina bifida; disease i.e. Bladder cancer; trauma i.e. Motor vehicle accident.

  • Must be a first-time camper (will receive Shane Banfield sponsorship only one time)
  • Can reside anywhere in Canada
  • Must agree to have name and photo published in any or all Ostomy Canada Society media.
  • Monies donated to Shane Banfield Memorial Fund cannot be used for any other purpose.

If you are wanting to support a worthwhile charity, please consider the Shane Banfield Memorial Fund, started in 2011 by ConvaTec and Ostomy Canada Society.

Shane was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer when he was 14 months old. He underwent Chemotherapy for 2 years and also radiation. He underwent numerous surgeries over the years and did end up having his bladder removed – hence an ostomy. Shane attended ostomy camp (Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek AB) when he was 9 years old until he aged out. He then volunteered at camp until his untimely passing at age 30 years due to a massive stroke. As I recall he only ever missed 2 times at camp, both due to illness. Even his employers gave him time off from work to attend. We would very much like this fund to continue, it enables children/youth from across Canada to attend this camp. We would very much like to hear these kids say also “I am not the only one!” I cannot say enough good things about how this camp helped and encouraged our son. Please and thank you – a grateful mom and dad.