Question: Seeking an Ostomy Support Belt for an Active Lifestyle

My father, who is actively recovering from his ostomy surgery since November 2019, is in search of a suitable ostomy support belt. We’ve only come across basic options, and he is hesitant to purchase online without seeing the product first. Could you provide guidance on where to find more specialized ostomy belts?

Response: Guidance on Finding the Right Ostomy Support Belt

It’s encouraging to hear about your father’s active recovery and his quest for the right ostomy support belt. Making an informed choice is crucial, especially when it involves ostomy care products. I suggest the following steps:

  1. Consult a Specialized Nurse: Before making any purchases, it’s advisable to consult a Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (NSWOC). They can provide tailored advice based on your father’s specific needs and measurements. To find a professional near you, visit Find an NSWOC.
  2. Belt Selection Considerations: NSWOC professionals can guide on various aspects, including:
    • Appropriate belt type based on your father’s ostomy type and lifestyle.
    • Correct hole size and placement for his ostomy system.
    • Special features that prevent issues like abdominal wall coning.
    • Compatibility with different pouching systems, particularly if using a convex pouch.
  3. Local Retailers and Manufacturers: An NSWOC can potentially recommend reputable local retailers or manufacturers where your father can physically evaluate the belts. This step is particularly helpful for those who prefer not to purchase online.
  4. Online Resources with Return Policies: If local options are limited, consider online retailers with clear return policies. This way, your father can order a belt, assess it, and return it if it doesn’t meet his requirements.
  5. Customization Options: Some manufacturers offer customization options for a more personalized fit, which can be beneficial for active individuals.
  6. Skin and Comfort Monitoring: Regardless of the belt chosen, it’s important to regularly monitor skin health and comfort levels, especially when adopting new ostomy care products.

By taking these steps, your father can find a support belt that not only fits well but also complements his active lifestyle, thereby enhancing his comfort and confidence.

Warm Regards,

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay
Ostomy Lifestyle Expert and Author
Member, Ostomy Canada Society Medical Lifestyle Advisory Committee