Alex MacInnis Squamish 50/50 Trail Race 2024

Alex’s April 2024 Training Update

“I must admit that my run training has not been ideal over the last month. I’ve felt lethargic, and it has been hard to push through that. Additionally, the ski season has distracted me. I’ve been more focused on the mountains than running, doing some in-bounds resort riding and backcountry touring. The touring is a good cross-training for the run, so I will need to get more of that while I can be here at the end of the season.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to get many more miles in, ramp up the training, and try to break through this feeling of lethargy. I will be working on adding miles and recovery between runs. That will be key as I progress into this, getting my body used to back-to-back runs and ramping up the intensity over the coming weeks and months.

As the weather changes and spring is here, I look forward to pushing through my current slump and getting into a rhythm.”

Join us as we follow Alex’s journey online and cheer him toward successfully accomplishing his goals.

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Alex MacInnis embodies unwavering determination and inspires many with his resilience in the face of adversity. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 12, he lost his large intestine in 2018. Rather than letting circumstances control him, he’s marking five years with an ostomy by tackling the challenging Squamish 50/50 trail race series. This race once seemed impossible during his darkest days, but now he’s pushing boundaries by conquering ultramarathons. Running in support of Ostomy Canada Society, Alex’s journey symbolizes hope for a vibrant life post-surgery. Join him as he showcases the strength of the human spirit and redefines living with an ostomy.


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