A grab-and-go bag is a small emergency kit that’s easy to take with you, in case you need to leave right away. It’s a good idea to make ostomy grab-and-go bags for your home, workplace and vehicle.

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Use the pointers below and your imagination to create your own OGGB (Ostomy Grab & Go Bag). We want you to take a picture of your Ostomy Grab & Go Bag including contents and Email the picture to support@ostomycanada.ca by August 1, 2022. Please put Ostomy Grab & Go Bag/Your name /Town in the subject line. A very scientific algorithm will be used to evaluate and determine the winner! Prizes are to be determined.

Submission Form

  1. Extra ostomy supplies are a must (especially in the winter)
  • You may have extra supplies on hand, but order more ostomy supplies. I encourage you to have a “just-in-case’ stock of ostomy supplies. It can be as much as one month’s worth. Create an ‘Ostomy Grab to Go Bag’ (OGGB), that is separate from your larger emergency supplies bag or box. A good plan is to rotate the ostomy product annually, so the supplies do not become ineffective.
  • If you do have to evacuate, it may be impossible for your supplier to get supplies to you, or for you to pick them up. Your OGGB will be critical for your well being.
  1. Key Contact Information – Put the number of your supplier in your phone and a written note in your emergency kit, as well as the reference numbers for the supplies you use. Keep the contact information for the local ostomy support group in the area where you are planning to evacuate. Also have the name and contact information for your NSWOC nurse. They can help you substitute other products if your usual products are unavailable.
  • This way, you’ll be able to contact people who can help you get the supplies you need if necessary.
  • You can find a directory of support groups at ostomycanada.ca.
  1. In case you are unable to speak or explain your medical situation, write a short paragraph about your ostomy and other medical conditions (if applicable). It is important to include key contacts in this brief note. Include your doctor’s name and clinics you may attend.
  • This precautionary measure will help inform healthcare professionals of your unique care needs if you are unable to communicate them at the time.
  1. Keep updated copies of any medication and prescriptions in your general emergency kit, as well copies of the same information in your Ostomy Grab to Go Bag. (OGGB).
  • Keeping all this information with you will help when you find yourself in a different community or on the other side of town.
  1. It is key to communicate your plans with family and friends. Plans include communication plans. Who calls who and when?
  • Today is not the day friends should be finding out about your ostomy! You need to share this medical information because it is nothing to be ashamed of. This information will be very helpful in an emergency. In many cases it will be very enlightening and informative to the average lay person.
  • It’s always a good idea to have loved ones aware of where you are so they can help. Ideally, if you have family or close friends living nearby, consider making Evacuation or Shelter in Place Plans with them.

Now that you’re all fired up and keen to check an existing emergency kit or start a NEW Emergency Kit and ‘Ostomy Grab & Go Bag’ (OGGB), please do it! Creating a OGGB today will help eliminate stress tomorrow when precious moments count, and you are heading out the door. Even when supply chains have your items on back order, you will still have your supply. You never know when wildfires or raging rivers cut truck routes, snow filled lanes, hurricanes, convoys, and tornado debris. Be prepared, R-U Ready Ostomates?

Ostomy Canada is running a contest to see how ostomates prepare to be ready in their communities. Along with your current Emergency Kits, your challenge is to put together your Ostomy Grab to Go Bag!

Source: Randy Hull, OCS Board Member & President of Winnipeg Ostomy Society. (Summer 2022). R-U Ready Ostomates. Ostomy Canada Magazine, pg. 53.


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