Question: Concern Over Purple Ring Around Urostomy Site

I have been living with a urostomy for 14 years and recently encountered a skin issue. I successfully treated some minor skin irritations with Coloplast Barrier Wipes. However, I have noticed a concerning 2.7 cm purple ring around my stoma. It’s not painful, but it’s worrying. I’m on blood thinners (Eliquis) for 10 years, but I doubt that’s the cause. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Response: Assessing and Managing Skin Changes Around Urostomy

The appearance of a purple ring around your stoma could be indicative of pseudoverrucous lesions, a condition often related to urine exposure. The initial skin irritation and your use of Coloplast wipes may have played a role in this development, but it’s also possible that urine crystals have formed on the skin. Here are some steps to manage and assess the situation:

  1. Vinegar Soaks: Try applying vinegar soaks with a 1:3 ratio (vinegar to water) during each pouch change for about 10-15 minutes. This method can help in dissolving urine crystals and soothing the skin.
  2. Temporary Discontinuation of Coloplast Wipes: Pause the use of Coloplast wipes until the issue is resolved. It’s important to determine if these wipes are contributing to the skin changes.
  3. Professional Assessment: Contact your home care intake worker to arrange an assessment by a Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence (NSWOC). An in-depth evaluation by a NSWOC nurse will provide a clearer understanding of your skin condition and appropriate treatment options.
  4. Blood Thinners Consideration: While your long-term use of Eliquis without prior adverse reactions makes it an unlikely cause, it’s still worth mentioning to the healthcare professional assessing your condition.

It’s crucial to address skin changes around your stoma promptly to prevent further complications and ensure proper healing.

Lauren Wolfe


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