Travel can seem daunting to those with an ostomy. However, with some education and planning, you can enjoy your summer vacation with peace of mind. Make the most of your summer with these ostomy travel tips. 

Ostomy Travel Tips 

Whether travelling by air, car, or camping, the number one tip is to pack double the supplies you usually use. If you travel by car, storing your supplies in a cooler rather than the trunk is a good idea. Pack your supplies in your carry-on, pre-cut your flanges, and pack scissors in your checked bag for air travel. Many ostomy manufacturers offer travel sizes for accessories like deodorant and adhesive removal wipes. Some also offer travel bags when you sign up for customer care programs, but toiletries bags can also work to keep things organized. Do not try a new type of pouching system before going on holiday. Wearing a larger pouch can be helpful for those with more active stomas, including a high-output bag for ileostomies and a leg bag for urostomies. For extra tips visit our website:

Travel Programs for Persons Living With An Ostomy 

Those travelling by air with an ostomy may also use the globally recognized Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, which supports passengers with hidden disabilities, also known as invisible disabilities. The Sunflower Lanyard is a discreet way to indicate to our airport staff that you may need more help or time when going through the airport processes. This program is currently available in select cities, including many Canadian airports. You can also present the Ostomy Canada Traveller’s Card to help explain your ostomy to airport staff. Download here, or contact our national office to receive a copy via Canada Post. 



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