Summary of Ostomy Reimbursement in Canada

Click here to download file 1)      BC has not updated their Pharma-care program on the web. (line 108)  Improvements in the basic deductible has been increased from $15,000 to $30,000 (Announcement made January 3rd, 2019) 2)      Nunavut Non-Insured Health Benefits has announced some updates. One of them is in regards to the Medical Supplies and […]


January, 2019 Question: I have had surgery on November 20, 2018, to remove rectal cancer. I am now dealing with a colostomy, the removal of my rectum, the reconstruction of my vagina and skin grafts. The recovery is slow. I am having issues because my stools are very dense and heavy which leads to pancaking […]

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Help with reversal

Question December 2018 Hello. I had ileostomy for 9 months. And about an year ago it was reversed. I have been having such a huge effect since then. Diarrhea every single day, very frequent attending a toilet. It’s impossible! I would like to ask is it possible to get any help? It would be perfect […]

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Unsung Hero – Bea Spears – Pictou Ostomy Chapter – December 2018

Bea Spears, long time treasurer of the Pictou Ostomy Chapter, was a loving and kind person, devoted to her family, friends and people living with an ostomy. After years of suffering with Chron’s Disease, Bea had ostomy surgery and became a faithful member of the chapter. Even after numerous surgeries and untold medical problems, she […]