Ostomy Hamilton has been blessed by some great volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about our mission. Candy Boily is one of those people. 

We all laugh when we hear the story of how Candy came to be on our board of directors. Candy and her husband Gerry became members of our association in 2008 after Gerry underwent ostomy surgery. In essence, Gerry ‘voluntold’ her into joining our group.  

Candy came on board with a huge smile and great ideas. She stepped right in and was immediately put in charge of the ‘20/40’ group. Over time, she became our ‘jack of all trades.’ She was immersed in all the different committees, especially our visitors program. Candy puts together all our packages and liaises with all five hospitals in the Hamilton area. 

In 2020, during the confusion of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the retirement of our long-term executive team, Candy graciously stepped up and became our new treasurer. It was a chaotic first year for everyone on our board. We were learning how to move to an online meeting platform, the reality of losing several longstanding members to the virus and declining membership. We felt we were struggling to stay afloat. Candy was the ray of sunshine during a very dark period. Always upbeat, she suggested new ideas and provided solutions to how we would proceed to support our members.  

As well as taking on the treasurer position, Candy monitored all email and telephone inquiries for the association. She travels across the city weekly to check our mailbox, and her house became the collection point for supplies donated for FOW Canada. Perhaps the most intensive job Candy has happily taken on is the ‘Ostomy Handbook’ production. Ostomy Hamilton has expanded the handbook to the entire province of Ontario. She contacted every ostomy retailer in Ontario for advertising, added edits to the handbook and managed the contract with the printing company. It was a considerable task which Candy took on with ease. 

Ostomy Hamilton would not and could not fulfil our mission without Candy. She is truly the backbone of the association. She selflessly gives of her time, supports any initiative we become involved with, and is all over fantastic. We are grateful that Candy chose (or was volunteered by Gerry) to become associated with us. We would be lost without her.  

To learn more about Ostomy Canada’s Unsung Hero award, please visit our website: https://www.ostomycanada.ca/our-awards/ 

Volunteer with Ostomy Canada Society! For current opportunities, please see: https://www.ostomycanada.ca/volunteer-with-us/


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