Did You Know about the Disability Tax Credit?

DID YOU KNOW? That any person living with an ostomy is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit when a qualified medical practitioner certifies the Disability Tax Credit certificate and Canada Revenue Agency approves your application.

DID YOU KNOW? That the existing Disability Tax Credit Committee which is an Ad-Hoc Committee of Ostomy Canada Society’s Advocacy Committee is still active and meets only when the chair feels it is necessary. We will continue to meet to discuss issues that arise as well as updates to the credit criteria and application.

DID YOU KNOW? That the committee is still sending a request to meet with Canada’s Revenue Disability Advisory Committee to advocate for the NSWOC Nurse’s certification on the DTC application. These NSWOC Nurses are the people most educated in reference to living with an ostomy.  We continue to send our request off on a three-month interval.

DID YOU KNOW?  That four people from the NSWOCC continue to sit on our committee and continue to support our goals for the betterment of people living with an ostomy and the Disability Tax Credit. Their Association also continues to support our society with a monetary contribution for the printing of the DTC pamphlet.

DID YOU KNOW? That the DTC pamphlet is available as a download on our National Website as well as requesting the pamphlets from our National Office. These pamphlets are available for your groups to distribute to your members, your physicians and your clinics.

DID YOU KNOW? That in 2011-2012 there were 39649 approved applications and 24043 were new accepted. In 2016 – 2017 there were 51080 approved applications and 23688 were new accepted. These numbers consists of the disabilities that are listed on the application such as vision, hearing, diabetes and of course ostomies.  I like to think that just maybe the Disability Tax Credit Committee as well as our promotional efforts to market this credit to people living with an ostomy has contributed to this increase.

DID YOU KNOW? That Ostomy Canada is here to assist. Please contact us via way of our website or email to our national office for any assistance you might require.



Ann Durkee-MacIsaac, Leader
Disability Tax Credit Committee
Ostomy Canada Society

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