Despite the challenges during Covid, we faced them together and discovered many great learnings along the way. This experience has changed us, and as we go forward, we become stronger. The Directors of Ostomy Canada share a special bond, and that is you.

Steve Maybee, Secretary/Treasurer (Mississauga, ON):

From the perspective of the Treasurer and as a Director of Ostomy Canada Society, it has been a pleasure working with a professional Executive Director who has left the organization in a strong financial and organizational position with newly updated programs to support individuals with ostomies across the country.

Joan Peddle, Director (Moncton, NB):

Reflecting on my time on the Board, I have enjoyed getting to know my Chapters and Peer Support Groups in the Atlantic area, even through the different times during the pandemic. I hope to connect with more people this year. Because of you, we have a great organization, and I am there to support you all in your journey as an ostomate. As we continue to raise awareness, advocate for improved products, and make progress, I look forward to my next term as your Atlantic Administrator.

Janet Paquet, Director (Hamilton, ON):

“Volunteerism” is one of the most selfless acts we can become involved in. Thank you to all the volunteers in our Chapters and Peer Support Groups. By working together, we can enrich the lives of new ostomates, offer support and ultimately erase the negative stigma of ostomy surgery.

Stephanie Grace, Director (Newmarket, ON):

As a new member of the Board of Directors, I am honoured and thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization. Being an industry partner and a product manager at Hollister Limited, the vision and mission of Ostomy Canada Society are aligned with what I wake up to do every morning – to make life more rewarding and dignified for people living with an ostomy so that they can enjoy living life to the fullest. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow board members to help raise awareness across Canada.

Troy Curtis, Director (Ottawa, ON):

We have had a busy start to the year with many webinars and initiatives, which has given me a chance to speak and interact with more Ostomy Canada supporters. Your attendance and participation over the past few months have been so appreciated not only by Ostomy Canada but our partners too. As we enter the second half of 2023, I wish you all the best and hope to count on your support in promoting this year’s Step Up for Ostomy.

Jayne Kerr, Director (Thornbury, ON):

All the best to our ostomy family across Canada. We applaud your dedication, and as a reminder, we (the Nominating/Succession Planning Committee) always welcome new participants. Contact me at if you are interested in volunteering.

Jacqueline Bloom, Director (St. Thomas, ON):

Friends, thank you so much for your generous support. It’s folks like you that make our work possible. Your contributions enable us to accomplish our mission here at Ostomy Canada. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to help us along our journey and hope for a long and fruitful relationship.

Ian MacNeil, Director (Ottawa, ON):

Ostomy Canada Society has made substantial progress in helping people with an ostomy live life to the fullest. In my mind, our website is becoming the “GO to Place to Go for Ostomy News, Information, and Social Interaction.” Kudos to everyone who has redesigned our website and the Youth Camp organizing committee and volunteers. Bravo.

Real Lamarche, Director (Granby, QC):

Un petit mot pout les francophones du Quebec et de touts les autres regions du Canada. Profitons de l’e`te` pour se ressourcer et prendre soin de soi et de tous nos proches. L’automme nous am`enera de nombreuses activite`s diverses pour la communaute`des personnes stromise`es.

Randy Hull, Director (Winnipeg, MB):

Winnipeg Ostomy Association has just moved into its 51st year of providing support and information to ostomates and their families. We are changing our name to be more representative of all members and to start our next chapter. Ostomy Manitoba Association (OMA) will be a more inclusive representation of our members province-wide. We are both pleased and encouraged that we have maintained a healthy membership base and continued operations during very trying Covid times.

Debra Carpentier, Director (Regina, SK):

The “Prairie Province” tradition of cooperation and collaboration continues to support the community in good times and challenging times. I appreciate your support over the past year and look forward to your support in the coming year. It is in working together we gain strength.

Andrea (Andy) Manson, Director (Parksville, BC):

Greetings from the Pacific Region. Our Chapters and Support Groups meet in person, on Zoom or a combination. If you are visiting out west this summer, consider attending a meeting to hear what is happening in this part of the country. We are always looking to expand our support for people with an ostomy. Please let me know if you know anyone interested in facilitating a group in our area. A big thank you to all for their continued support of Ostomy Canada.

AJ Leveille, Director (Langley, BC):

This year has seen a lot of change at the Ostomy Canada Society, and collectively, we can reflect on a productive year and be proud of our accomplishments. As we ease into summer, it is my wish that everyone involved in this fantastic community can find some time to enjoy themselves, look up from the daily grind and enjoy all that life has to offer because, as we know, summer is short and another fall is just around the corner.

Ann Durkee-MacIsaac, Chair of the Board of Directors (Hebron, NS):

As Chair of the Board of Directors, I personally want to thank each of our directors for putting their heart and soul into the vision, values, and mission of Ostomy Canada. We all come alongside people living with an ostomy and interact with our supporters so that they know that we see and hear them. We’re in this together; all of YOU and all of these Directors. We send all of YOU a special thank you. Be well, and prosper from all of us on the Ostomy Canada Society Board.

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