Meet our Spring 2023 Unsung Hero, Yaser Nadeem. He is a talented web designer who volunteers for both Ottawa Ostomy and Ostomy Canada.

About seven years ago, Ian McNeil (President of the Ottawa Ostomy Support Group at the time) received a call from a young man – Yaser Nadeem. Yaser was looking at a few non-profit websites and sent a note asking if he could help bring Ottawa up to date. (The website was redone in 2010-2011 – yet if anyone knows Ian – this is not his core strength!)

The website had several broken links, inconsistent formats, and off graphics – the list of repairs was extensive. Being intrigued, Ian invited him to get together over coffee. They discussed the website, and Yaser made suggestions that, at the time, were cutting-edge.

During their conversation over coffee, Ian asked what motivated him to help charities in the area. Yaser explained that his family were immigrants who had been made welcome to Ottawa and that he wanted to give back. Over the next few months, Yaser built a completely new website. He located a better web hosting vendor and improved security. He provided add-ons such as MailChimp, WordPress and email contact forms. To this day, he continues to make adjustments to the website, monitors incoming emails from the Ottawa contact page to ensure that queries are directed to the correct individual, and manages the distribution of the newsletters.

Yaser performs these chores whenever we ask of him without a complaint. Indeed, Yaser is the definition of an Unsung Hero.

(Editor’s note from John Hartman: the national office can attest to Yaser’s website strengths, customer service, and “can-do and will-do attitude” as Yaser is Ostomy Canada’s national Senior Tech Support and Webmaster).

This article was published in the 2023 edition of Ostomy Canada Connects Newsletter. Do you have an Unsung Hero on your team? Visit our website for more information:


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