Bravery Bag Covers Are Now Available and They Are Free!

Bravery Bag Covers – Finding Support For Kenzie

In the Summer edition of Connects, we shared a story about a young girl named Kenzie (right) who had emergency surgery because of an accident and required an ostomy. Kenzie was not feeling good about this change until her mom and dad stepped in and found an ostomy cover of one of Kenzie’s favourite superheroes.

Bravery Bag Covers Provide Support to Children with An Ostomy

The light went on, and Josh and Lindsay decided to match passion with philanthropy and created a program called the Bravery Bag Covers – a cover for children who want to feel more confident about their ostomy bag. Ostomy Canada has been a strong partner in this program.

Order A Free Bravery Bag Cover or Donate to The Cause

We are pleased to advise that covers are now available for order. The cover and shipping are FREE, yet anyone can donate on the same site. Josh and Lindsay are not making any profit from this program. They are hoping to ship bags to individuals, children’s hospitals, clinics, NSWOCs and the like. Please visit their website to learn more at

Block for Connects Ad: This article was originally featured in the Ostomy Canada Connects Newsletter, winter 2023 edition.


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